Lily Tomlin talks “Grace and Frankie” with Deadline

TOMLIN: I do have a series now, with Grace and Frankie coming up on Netflix with Jane Fonda. Its one season now but we hope it will go on.

DEADLINE: For so many years you have weaved in and out of so many different shows, from West Wing to Desperate Housewives to NCIS. You’re always on somewhere, but, just as with Grandma, this seems like the first time its really your show. Well, your and Jane’s show.

TOMLIN: Yeah, theoretically.

DEADLINE: What made you want to commit to a full series with Marta Kaufman, Howard Morris, Skydance Productions and the gang at Netflix?

Women At Sundance Brunch – 2015 Sundance Film FestivalTOMLIN: Oh, I wanted to do it because of the people. I wanted to do it because of Jane and we liked Marta so we thought we had a pretty good chance and we liked the theme. The theme is that our husbands are law partners and we think they’re going to retire and we’re going to get rid of each other because we don’t like each other that much. Jane’s character is very conservative and kind of Republican and I’m a painter and bohemian, very different. So in the first scene in the show, they take us out to dinner and tell us that they’ve been having a relationship for 20 years and they’re going to divorce us and get married. So we were like, Where do we go from here?