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Grace and Frankie, May 8: A new Netflix comedy from Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman? Sign me up. A new Netflix comedy from Marta Kauffman that also features Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, June Diane Raphael, and, most importantly, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as its title characters—two rivals of a certain age who find themselves thrown together when their respective husbands reveal that they’ve fallen in love with each other? Cancel my plans, lock me in my apartment, and throw away the key—I’m not coming out until I’ve devoured all 13 episodes.


Grace and Frankie coming to Netflix Australia

Likely launch date: March 31. Price: $9.99 per month
Confirmed shows: House of Cards, Marco Polo, BoJack Horseman, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Uganda Be Kidding Me, Live from Chelsea Handler, Bloodline, Lost, Marvel’s Daredevil, Sense8, Grace and Frankie.
Presto TV
Launched. Price: $9.99 for movies, $9.99 for TV and $14.99 for TV and movies
Confirmed shows: The Sopranos, The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Band of Brothers, Entourage, The Newsroom, True Blood, The Pacific, Girls, Six Feet Under, Hung, Veep, Big Love, Dexter, The Borgias, Brotherhood, Californication, Deadwood, Nurse Jackie, Ray Donovan.
Launched. Price: $10 per month
Confirmed shows: Better Call Saul, Transparent and Fargo.

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Lily Tomlin talks Grace & Frankie to Vulture

I do want talk about your Netflix show, Grace and Frankie, with Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, and Martin Sheen, about two women who hate each other but have to move in together when their husbands fall in love. What can we expect?
We had fun. We shot the whole thing and it starts airing May 8. So you can watch the whole thing on the weekend. And then you can call us and tell us what you thought. It’s about two women of our age. And our husbands are still in the picture all the time. They live nearby. They take Martin [Sheen]’s house and live in that, and we take the beach house. Our kids are intermingled. I have two sons, she has two daughters. She has grandkids, I don’t have any grandkids yet. It’s just how we adapt to one another, how we get along, what we have to struggle with in our age and having our husbands leave us like that, just high and dry.

And what is that struggle?
I’m less conventional. I’m a painter and bohemian but I’m still in my 70s, so I’ve had a long marriage to my husband. We’re like best friends and seem happy together. She and Martin maybe are more conservative and a little uptight. So it’s just getting along, trying to figure out how we’re going to survive financially. We’re not poor, but we’re not really rich. The husbands were lawyers but they did a lot of pro-bono work. Jane had a cosmetic business but she had already given it over to her daughter. And I am just a painter. So we have to depend on [the husbands] somewhat financially, to give us alimony. But they’re going to embark on their own lives. They don’t want to give us too much.