New Jane Fonda interview

Harper’s BAZAAR: Is there anything you don’t like about your character, Grace?

Jane Fonda: She’s more uptight and more conservative than I am but I think it’s
fun to play somebody who’s different than you are. We also have a lot of things in
common. We’ve shot the first two seasons—the second season starts to air May
6—and in the course of those two years I’ve come to know her better and I’ve
grown more fond of her. I’m having fun with her.


Lily Tomlin on Working with Jane Fonda on Grace & Frankie, and More

What happened is my agent called me and said, “Are you and Jane Fonda looking for something to do together?” and I said, “Well, we are now.” He told me about [creator] Marta Kauffman. She had, I think, like a paragraph idea, and then maybe her agent said, “Well, what about Jane and Lily?,” and she said, “Well, that’s a reasonable idea.”

So, we went over to her house, and she pitched it to us and we loved it. Then we went out and pitched it to the buyers. A script hadn’t been written, but we knew that they were two women, who didn’t like each other. They’d been thrown together for 40 years, and their husbands were going to leave them. The husbands had been having an affair with each other for 20 years. It was just a total shock to the women. We were kind of like, “I wonder if we should tell that in the first episode?,” and, of course, it was the absolutely right thing to do, as Marta knew.