Jane Fonda on Relationships: “It took me 72 years to realize kindness is a good thing to look for”

In April, Fonda and Tomlin premiered the first episode (the whole season is on a par with the best of “Brothers and Sisters” or “The Good Wife) at the Tribeca Film Festival in a Q&A moderated by Gayle King.

Chatting, bickering, japing, with one another, the stars fielded questions on aging, women in the industry, careers, lovers. “This is how it is on the set,” they assured a packed audience.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lily Tomlin

1. She studied biology as a pre-med major at Wayne State University.

2. Before hitting it big, she worked as a waitress at Howard Johnson’s on Broadway.

3. Her 1972 comedy album, This Is a Recording, featured Ernestine, the telephone operator she developed on the ABC sketch comedy show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.

4. She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her first movie role, in Robert Altman’s Nashville (1975).

5. Tomlin was the first woman to appear solo in a Broadway show, 1977’s Appearing Nitely.


Brooklyn Decker and Diane Raphael on Today May 23rd

Monday, May 23

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Grace And Frankie finds its comedic voice again

After the relatively subdued and serious “The Boar,” Grace And Frankie kicks the comedy up a notch again in “The Anchor.” Outside minor characters bring in some weird humor, and even some of the more serious aspects of the episode—like Sol trying to work his way back into Robert’s life—finds some very funny moments. The main storylines of the season are still churning, and there are some significant character moments for both Grace and Frankie. There’s a little more action to “The Anchor” than to “The Boar,” and there’s a lot more humor.


The Women Of Netflix Lunch Stories

Jane Fonda said she “kind of fell apart” doing the first season of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie, having never been a regular on episodic television. “It was really hard,” Fonda said this afternoon during Neftlix’s star-studded Rebels an Rule Breakers Luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, in partnership with Women in Film and SAG-AFTRA.

“I went back into therapy and I got an acting coach.”

“It’s true! and I’m proud of that at my age,” she said as the audience reacted. Now at work on Season 3 “it’s like ‘this is easy!’,” she said.

As for rebelling, Fonda said simply “most of my rebellion I’ve save for real life.”


Maria Bamford Talks to Baron Vaughn About Stand-Up, Grace and Frankie, and Being Embezzled

Okay, now I know you were on Grace and Frankie, which is a delightful program. I saw the first season, which was very sassy. For me as a lady, I liked how they talked about older people issues, because that doesn’t seem like that’s talked about. Anyway, I’m aging.
No, that’s one of the things I like about the show as well! They’re not like, “Ah, I’m in my seventies. I figured everything out.” They’re still people who are growing and learning.