‘Grace and Frankie’ Set Visit: Behind the Scenes of Netflix’s Love and Friendship Comedy

Lily Tomlin is having a moment. Outside, it’s a sunny Thursday morning on the Paramount lot, but inside, on the set of Netflix’s single-camera comedy Grace and Frankie, a cloud threatens to overshadow a scene at the beach house where Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Tomlin) have resided since their respective husbands, Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston), left them for each other. But it’s not Grace’s former husband or her new roommate making trouble for Tomlin, who earned an Emmy nomination for her work on the series’ first season. It’s the timing of a line.

After one take, she pounds her fist on the table and yells, “Damn it!” On another, she furrows her brow and curls her lip. However, a minute before rehearsals start up again, Fonda gently places her hands on Tomlin’s shoulders. She leans in, whispers in her ear, and suddenly that signature smile splashes across Tomlin’s face and laughter erupts.

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New Netflix ‘Binge Scale’ Reveals The Shows We Just Can’t Stop Watching

When it comes to the shows people just can’t seem to resist watching, Netflix has found that they tend to ‘assault your senses’ or ‘ go straight for the gut’.

Here, from most savored to most devoured, is the full list of Netflix’s most binged shows:

Dramatic Comedies: Flaked, Grace & Frankie, Nurse Jackie, Orange is the New Black, Parenthood, Rescue Me, Weeds

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