Martin Sheen Offers Donald Trump Some West Wing–Style Advice

“If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny to joke about how President Bartlet is more qualified than Trump in every possible way. But it’s tragic,” Sheen told us. “Trump and his administration are rank amateurs. Their agenda is extremely dangerous, frankly. They are the gang that can do a lot of damage and they have already started it. They came out of the gate and made it very clear that they want to upset the apple cart, and it’s caused great distress all over the country and all over the world.”


Brooklyn Decker On Having It All — But Only If You Want To

If your perception of Brooklyn Decker begins and ends with her bikini-modeling on magazine covers, there’s a lot the 29-year-old mom would like you to know. This week she’s debuting Finery, an online tool that’s the closest you’ll come to having Cher Horowitz’s closet-computer in your pocket; she serves as its chief design officer. Today, she participated in a Refinery29 panel about millennial women’s divergent paths to and away from motherhood, and Friday brings the debut of the third season of Grace and Frankie, the Netflix show on which she plays a mom wrestling her own have-it-all demons.


‘Grace And Frankie’: Marta Kauffman On Season 3, Dolly Parton & Why It’s Great To Be A Woman

“The show isn’t about politics, and I don’t want it to be topical,” says Grace and Frankie co-creator Marta Kauffman about her Jane Fonda- and Lily Tomlin-starring series that launches its third season March 24 on Netflix. “Once you make it topical it gets very, very difficult to have it continue to air at all times and not feel dated,” the Friends executive producer adds. “I’m in the business of entertaining people.”


Those paintings on Grace & Frankie were done by a real artist

Grace & Frankie stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, but there is another star of the series whose face has never been seen onscreen. That person is Nancy Rosen, the real-life artist who provides all of the paintings on the series for Tomlin’s character, who is a painter and art teacher.

The Chicago, Illinois-based Rosen has provided paintings for every season of the Netflix series, but her love of art goes back to her childhood. “I’ve been painting since I was five,” Rosen told Variety.


‘Grace And Frankie’ Is Changing The Way We Look At Older Women’s Sexual Desires

Grace and Frankie Season 3 premiered on Netflix on March 24 with legendary actors Jane Fonda (Grace) and Lily Tomlin (Frankie) together once again on-screen. The titular characters have been through a lot on the show — divorce, dating, making Yam lube — and Grace and Frankie Season 3 unapologetically portrays women’s sexuality. The new season of the comedy series shows the two women in their 70s having active sex lives, embracing masturbation, and starting a business making sex toys aimed at older women. And it’s so great to see Grace and Frankie’s sex lives take center stage as a major storyline, rather than being played for laughs.


What ‘Grace And Frankie’ Can Teach Us About Starting Over

When I was about 20 years old, my grandmother gave me one of her very best pieces of advice. She said, “When you are young, there is nothing you do that you can’t undo.” Yes, I understand there are certain things that can never be undone, but the point is that, within reason, the choices you make in your young life about who to date, what to study, where to live, or where to work can all be changed. But, Grace and Frankie’s third season shows that you don’t have to be young to reinvent yourself. The new season, which hit Netflix March 24, features Grace and Frankie living full lives in their 70s, with room to reinvent themselves — no matter their age.


An art show puts Grace And Frankie’s character-driven comedy on display

Grace And Frankie’s third season jumps into the messy dynamics brought out in the final altercation between its titular characters and their families at the end of season two. Last season, Grace and Frankie were at their most fraught, pulled apart by Grace’s drinking problem. But the death of their dear mutual friend Babe brought them back together again, only to realize that they’re still each other’s greatest allies and advocates: Their ex-husbands and children all take them for granted and underestimate them. So Grace and Frankie were thrust back together again, deciding to turn their unlikely friendship into an unlikely business partnership. The third season opens on this new chapter in their relationship. Grace and Frankie are back and making vibrators for older women.


Everything You Missed On Season 2 Of Grace & Frankie

Mark your calendars, because Grace and Frankie is coming back to Netflix on March 24.
For all of you who have yet to be converted to Netflix’s greatest gal pals, Grace and Frankie is about two septuagenarians thrust together in a pretty unexpected life change. Grace (Jane Fonda) is an uptight, martini-drinking, country clubber who founded a successful beauty company. Frankie (Lily Tomlin) is her polar opposite, a free-wheeling artist who believes in the power of moon cycles and the 1960s. The only thing these women have in common is that their husbands are law partners. And then, at the series’ start, what they have in common is that their husbands are leaving them for each other. Suddenly, these lifelong nemeses are in the same boat.